Lee Belgium Superhero
Lee Belgium

Hello everyone 

Lee Belgium was my beautiful son, who was so strong and  had so much fight in him, A true superhero.

We got horrible news on 17th may 2016 that Lee had cancer... He kick its ass not once but  three times and then August 2018 it came back for the fourth time .

Lee never showed any weakness he’s my superhero and the most bravest boy ever.

On 6/04/2019 my angel passed away with horrible mucous fungus infection..

He tried to  kick it for a month but we all got told no one makes it out alive with this, it’s what they call it Black Death..

My poor boy was no longer here  and my life has changed for ever.

I know he would want me to help family’s that have  gone through the same 

Kids that die from horrible accidents and there family need memories...

 We will keep Lee's name alive forever.....