Lee Belgium Lasting Legacy

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

The charity will be done and worked at my home address, the money the charity raises will be used to help other children like mine that sadly passed away or children that are undergoing treatment for cancer and heart problems, will work closely with the Bristol children hospital for this. The hospital are aware of my charity and are happy to support me with this. 

And children die from car/house accident. 

The charity will also help families with there bereavement journey after they have gone by help them with memories and talking to them. We will be giving children with cancer and heart problems a teddy with lights in so will glow in dark .A free hair cut for the children that losing there hair and with teddy to have a heart box to keep the hair . 

Will help support families by helping with cost the funeral flowers £100 voucher off there choice for them get beautiful flowers . 

We will be doing free hair cuts for children that have passed away so there parents will see them looking there best before they say goodbye. 

There will also be memory pillows and candles available for all the parents after the death there beautiful child/children 

Supporting families and have families talks to help with the lost off a child . 

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